GweTV's General Topic (many memes) (fun with Hopscotcher) (fun with GweTV too) (SUB TO PEWDS -Fuwa)(GweTV has some of the best music taste here + is just generally awesome =D -Fearless)



That’s nothing compared to the 19+ hours I’ve gotten lol




12 more minutes!!!
Everyone has 12 (now 11) mins to get prepared to be spam liked


ha I’ll start early.


10 MINS!


I do not get it, what are you talking about?


I have reached the max amount of likes on the forum. I have to wait 9 mins before I can like posts again


Aka liking a lot of a person’s posts


I’d show you firsthand but I’m out


And SPAM is tasty when fried.


Oh, ok. I will join in maybe?


For some reason, somebody or something deleted my post about doing GweTVArt fan art. I went onto the forum and it’s gone…
(I refreshed the page…)
(7 Mins!)


Really? Lemme check…


@Chickengirl had that problem with some of her art.
Ana says it gets flagged and then deleted when too many flags occur.


I didn’t say anything inappropriate, so I am a little confused
(6 mins)


Yes… It’s gone.


Also, I really am pushing to finish my Black Sabbath Mashup project. It will most likely come out in January


Same with @ChickenGirl
Then again, FobieFuwa and Apricity and I weren’t being off-topic or spammy when somebody SPAMFLAGGED and got the drawing topic closed so people obviously don’t care sometimes


What is a Black Sabbath Mashup


Someone needs to make a countdown with the WaitTilTimestamp block to countdown until likes are refilled.