GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)





necks self
idk , lol


@GweTV so u believe in the paranormal right?


Yee. I do
I watch a lot of ghost/paranormal shows


ok good, now i like u even more.


OMG I HAVE A CHEM TEST TOMORROW oop’s , well lets hope it’s a half a day tomorrow, bc if it is no testtttttttt its saposto to snow in ct so yeah, i really hope it snowes, i mean it sould, but then agen , u never know…


he/she? lol
im low key confused


Good job everyone
Continue to spread the message!
Oh yeah yeah

Edit: Now 23, thanks @the_dancer


I’m a he mates.


Ok. Somebody just flagged the egg post again!
I think it’s Petrichor


it was me


I can’t unflag it now because it has been flagged twice




gtg do homework


Bruh, don’t flag unnecessary things
Now I can’t edit it to unflag it and wait for a moderator to check it out…



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DOnt flag unnecessarily.

Your post spam mentioned the pomtl and other people.


I sent you chess request


It was on a GT (which has no specific topic) and it included my tag list
Plus, it was on MY GT!
Finally, people need to stop flagging it for spam. It would be considered spam on another topic, which I regret that I have posted it too, but not here.
Did you flag it? Or was it @Hopscotcher
Sorry for mentioning pomtl