GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)


They thought it was spam. But it’s on a GT and MY GT!!!
How ironic is this?


I have an idea about who it is. I am not going to name names because that’s rude, but still…
If you are reading this, continue to like that post. Ignore who flagged it


Best video ever!
(Why would I reply myself? IDK I’m crazy though!)


Nah it’s definitely just trolls
It’s not spam at all lol


well, if that person clicks on it they see it’s a freaking egg, also, how is such thing as spam on here?


yeah. it could be that too


Yeah… I was confused… if someone was playing a joke… but obviously someone forgot it was a GT and MY GT!


An egg somehow now defines spam…
Idk help



never mined that “lol” THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATER


Yee. Also, can you continue to like even after a post is flagged?
I think I have done it before… idk


um, im not sure, i think u still can tho


Yee. Ok


so, hows ur day been?


Pretty good.

@FobieFuwa, I am still on +2. I am undercover and have discovered a new lead


same, i found out who a couple of people like, and the sub bussdriver forgot on of my friends at school when i had seen it happen, lol, she beat me up after though, bc we looked wight at eachother and i smiled and did nothing, i knew we would half to come back tho, lol


she called me a bish bc i had seen the whole thing happen, as soon as she walked out the buss left, lol


Oooh school drama eh?


Watch this


You can edit the post to get it not hidden anymore


yes yes yessssssss, i know who two people like now I AM ALL POWERFULL MWAHAHAHA