GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)


Sorry I’m not gonna change system time for a silly the most important thing in existence poll

A normal poll:

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Why is this stuff on @GweTV’s gt?


I joined as GweTV!


I’m Hopscotcher I think.


should i do my hw now, or wait till 10:00 and then get yelld at by my mother??? deshions deshions :thinking:


I sent you a friend request.


Do your homework now! Like I always say, work is work.


but i dont want to do my homeworkkkk mommmmmmmmmmmm




good bye forever, hello future F’s in grade book

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how do u make that voteing thing???

  • Tree
  • Small Tree

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  • do homework
  • don’t do homework

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i dont know if i made it wright, prob not, lol


Wait what?


yeah, idk how to do it i kindof guessed , bc no one helped meeeeeeeee, lol


should i do hw bc i know my mom is gonna yell at me even if i do it now bc its late…sooooooooooooo yup, lol