GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)


Wow :wink:
(I am going to be on CoM’s GT)


ok gtg


I got 1 more like than u now lol


Also, please don’t comment ha.te or spam


But spam is tasty.


Uh ok lol
But I’m out of likes right now XD



Clicks like and then runs out of likes for the day triggered


That’s ok!
I will leave the pomtl tag up for a bit, maybe refresh it once in a while


Hopsctocher, you better like


@tankt2016 can you quick come to my GT? We need to chat…


are you kidding me


If you flag, you pay.


I lounged for 1 sec. That’s how nice I am.


When you have haters… dab on them
and then ignore them (maybe even annoy them if it gets to that)


Heh yeah no idea how that happened.

And thanks dude. You’re epic too


No problem!


Good job guys!
We are at 8 so far…
Lets get it to 20 by the end of the week!


Unfortunately, the most like has 45+ or more like 100 something, lot more than 8. It would be more convincing if you had the egg


True, true
I can make this happen


Insert an egg image! It will explode!
(It’s at ten likes as of now)