GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)


What test?
The meme review test?


I have tapped into my inner nice PewDiePie


hello @GweTV. Remember when we had that argument about lounging our general topics? I’m a Regular now. (But I’m not going to lounge this because I’m not weird)




The question to life…


@GweTV Hey. How are you?


I am good.
(just doing meme lord stuff)


Same. I’m sad cause everyone is getting regular and I haven’t. I even helped @FobieFuwa when she started. :sweat:


Except about the fobie Fuwa part


Me too. People that came here after me are getting regular…
I am confusioned…


Well, you only just started on the FORUM so that’s understandable.


Same. :unamused:


My reaction


I really wanna be a regular


This is me when someone gets a regular
And I’m just over here like


I’m happy for them though. You only joined like in November thoughh


Yes I know. But technically I joined in December cuz I just made an account forgot about it and came back in December


:clap: :clap:

(I joined November 25th, and @A_Metalhead joined November 27th and already is a regular. (No ha.te @A_Metalhead, you’re awesome!)

This is a reason for my confusion


I joined on November 4