Guysss! omggggg! im gonna get regular!



You qualify for everything except you haven't read enough topics!


How many more topics do I have to read? @BuildASnowman


@JaggedJeans, that's so good!!! Just go into newest and start reading some topics!


That's what I started doing! :DDDD


Read 200 more topics










Just go! You can do it! :D


@Kiwicute2016 please tell me how long I have until I'm a regular! How many flags I have? How many more topics do I need to read? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I think you can ask her here! :D


Ok now I'm confused! I totally don't have enough days to become regular, regular sign thingy isn't coming up next to your name.... Wierd
I mean weird.. I think
I can't spell!


Regulars don't have to have their title showing.


How do you show it? Can't find it...


In preferences, it should say "Title".


Go to newest and read them 1 by 1! :smile:


Yeah, that's what I am doing. :smile:


Anyways guys, please GBOT!


I'm on miiverse too!


Nice! When I get the chance I'll follow you (or what ever it's called :p )


Anyways LBOT! (Let's get back on topic)


K so bye guys I'm going to read ALL and when I say all I mean ALL of the topics in Newest! ^0^ wish me luck