Guys, what's going on with the Forum!



This isn't right.

What's happened to the forum?
The forum used to be a place where people shared help with code, joined collabs, and made friendly conversations. But now the forums gone way downhill. I personally think it started when 4 of the leaders got demoted. A bunch of people are getting flagged, flame wars are being started, topics being closed, and people getting suspended.

But now, apparently, we're just an experiment to THT now, and the forum has been divided into phases. Nobody likes being tested on, especially without permission. We're being told we're important by THT, and then we're told we're not important and demoted, suspended, and flagged.

People are being punished with suspension and creating alternate accounts. Topics are being closed, and copies of them are being created. The forum has reached a new level of unruliness. We need to stop this. Most of us here are kids. They shouldn't have to deal with flame wars, suspension, flagging, important topics being closed, and all of this craziness.

@Liza, @asha, @Rodrigo, and other THT members, this needs to stop. Some of the damage that's been caused already can't be fixed. Some people who have left won't come back. We need to fix this.




We aren't just an experiment. They also hear us loud and clear.

And the suspended people were thought of as being rude.

However, I do think the leader experiment was uncalled for.


if this all keeps up i'm actually just gonna quit the forum and forget about hopscotch until the forum is happy again


I agree.
There shouldn't be all this drama, and there wouldn't have been all this drama if THT hadn't demoted everyone. I really think they made a horrible decision.
And now you can't go back and promote them again because people will just be mad that we were used as a test in the first place.

I'm sorry THT, but this is just a bad idea


I do feel sad
And that is why I feel like I have become more positive and mature in the past few days


For a second there I thought you were an adult!

Incredible speech! :clap: :clap: :clap:


This is true. I mean, I respect THT's decision. If they think that it is right, then I am okay with that. We will just have to wait and see, and this whole thing will surely be worked out soon enough​:slight_smile:


I think we need some more active leaders. THT shouldn't have done this. We need to stop this.
I'm not implying that we should insubordinate (I think that I used it right) or start a rebellion. Some people might. But we do need to make a stand and stop this. This is unfair. The leaders didn't do anything to be demoted. This is injustice.

We're more than an experiment. We're people. We should stand against this. I may stand alone when the time comes, or not. But we need to end this.


... I think you're overthinking this a little too much. The forum is still relatively new, and HS is still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. You do have some good points, but (no offense) I think you're overreacting.


Oops sorry, that may never happen.

Avoiding the problem isn't going to help us here who are trying to create a better forum in a better redirection.

This is only phase 2 after all.


It was part of phase 1.

THT's experiment


Yeah. You're right Fren! Good job!




This is completely identical to my opinion xD

It's called the OMTL, not the OTML :wink:


Good point! THT needs to understand that this has damaged the forum.


Nice speech!

Who got suspended?
Were they suspended right now or months ago?


Hi, @KayKay, what's up?


Remember guys. This is just a way to see what works and what doesn't. I can't say that I completely agree with the HS Team, but hopefully we can get back to having us as leaders soon. Remember: In @Rodrigo's own words, this is just a phase.
This may only be temporary.


Are you going to close this topic like when you closed the others that were about then the demotions?


I think the demotions made more trouble then the were worth. We need leaders to help control all the demotion topics