Guys this is creepy...please read, coincidence?

So it's Friday 13th.
My dad wanted to play the lottery.
We got the numbers 666.
Search '666' on the internet,
This is real creepy.
I'm actually quite scared.
I mean I try not to believe in this stuff, but really?
Is this a coincidence?


Eh, it's okay. SOMEONE had to get that number. And it being on Friday the thirteenth? Well, Friday is unlucky. (Did you know, to disperse the thought of Friday being bad, England made a boat called HMS Friday, with a captain Friday and it set sail on a Friday, it never came back…) But, still, so what? You may win!



Problay a coincidence
Mabey the lottery did that because of Friday the thirteenth

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You never know… :smiling_imp:

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It's fine if the lottery card is red

Don't take this seriously :wink: (says the hooman who was scared by this number when searched it in web)


I got terrible luck last year's Friday the 13th.

My book got wet and I cried the whole day. My book was almost ruined and I couldn't read it.
Thats how bad I am.


How this be related?

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Ok so I'm guessing you don't really care that I had a heart attack when reading this.
(Not literally)