Guys, The Hopscotch Forum is not DeviantArt!




So, guys, I just wanted to say this: Hopscotch isn't DeviantArt!! It's about code!

Now, you may be asking, "RAWRBEAR!!!!!! RAWRBEAR!!!!!!! What about drawing pads?" The answer is, yes, you can draw, but honestly, Hopscotch isn't meant for drawing. It's meant for code. If you want to draw, go to a drawing network like DeviantArt or!

In the future, I want to see less art projects and less of these drawing discussions, and more of the coding projects! Who's with me?!

Drawing problem?
OOPSIES people already made this topic :( DONT CLICK THIS

Me agrees 100 pehcent


Aldough u have a draw mishka contest


Hmm... me 50 50... 2020


That's for my cover photo, not for random pictures! :wink:


I am totally agree with you @Rawrbear.Can you get on MK38C chat box?


Ignorant me sorry



I know, it will be hard to switch, but it will be worth it, because people will see more games than art! :smile:


Sorry, not now! :grimacing:


Disagree!! the art topic is a great topic! we get to show our art and all that! its not truly off topic... code is everywhere code is in our bodies its everywhere soo when we draw and post the pics were coding ourselves to do that! there are 3 sides on hopscotch drawing coding and both soo drawing is a part of hopscotch.


Drawing shouldn't be a side of HS in the first place! It was never until Leave a Trail was made! :confused:


It wasn't until Last Touch X and Y was added. I once asked THT what their favorite past addition was, and they said that because of drawing pads.


but still drawing is part of hopscotch the code allows it besides whats wrong with drawing anyway? the coders can have their code and drawers can ave their drawng


That is sorta true............. But I like drawing


I kind of agree with you, that Hopscotch was meant for coding. But now art has become something people can do on Hopscotch too because of draw-pads. I think creative writing is developing too. But if you look into the #games channel @Rawrbear, you should be seeing only games. And art people can publish into the #art channel.


The drawers can have their drawing, but it makes people famous for no reason! Again, Hopscotch isn't for drawing, it's for code!!


I totally agree with anything that's in #art, actually, as long as it's not hand drawn. Thanks for that!! :smile:


Everyone has a good point..................


If you like drawing, go to deviantart or some other art network and look at people's art there!


How would you post art on Hopscotch not handrawn? The ability to upload photos hasn't come yet...