Guys stop hating on THT


Guys who don't like the subscription idea plz stop complaining now.I understand that you guys are disappointed.I would be aswell .But if we were put in THT's position you might be the same.Thanks for reading

Plz no flame wars

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Good point! I mean, they haven't like, ruined Hopscotch! You can still have everything we have before. You just have to pay for the extras.
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Thx !


Y'all gotta stop hating on THT
Hopscotch isn't ruined. You can still code and stuff. So y'all gotta stop


Y'all listen to this guy!! Btw lighting strike don't worry I know u



I agree. :slight_smile: People are just hating on THT because they can't get the subscription or they just don't want to pay.


I agree!
I think that the new update is very great! I think that THT worked a long time at it. I don't have the subscription but I really like to see other people with the subscription's projects.
Try to think like this: if you have worked on a project a very long time and you think it's very good, then you publish it and then get much hate about it! How would you feel about it?
If you were THT and got much hate about an update that you've worked on a long time, how should that feel to you?
It's okay if you don't like the update but you don't need to show how you feel about it!

Am I right? @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya


I'm just not a fan at all.

One of the many reasons why I quit
(Yes, hate me, but it seems illogical, there could've been many other ways to make people pay for it. I'm not even talking about how much it costs, the way they present it is really not good. The first thing I see for 80.00 or 7.99 a month is just adding your own profile pic. So? They could've made a lot more progress through stretched out incentives. Maybe even a pop up ad while coding about a new character based on the values they've been using. All in all, the presentation is choppy. All that hits me as intriguing is the price. Instantly knew that this wasn't working for me)


And the App Store reviews back me up on it, I've took some time to look through them and I've even asked some friends about it. Most are unhappy. Although I am glad it's not ENTIRELY a pay to play deal, if you already have the app that is


What? U quit? I'm so sorry


Actually it's for all the Features listed in the Update. Some were: upload photos, for sprites and avatars; and have no limit to the number of photos uploaded.

They need the money.

And btw sorry to hear you quit. You could join the fridges!


I agree! We shouldn't put so much hate on THT for the subscription! They need to make money to keep this app up.


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I agree! :slight_smile:


If Hopscotch doesnt get money, they wont be able to run Hopscotch as well as they have so far


I don't mind if THT is charging, I just don't suscribe!