Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



Don’t fight fire with fire
Trust me, it will end up bad


I agree with the two of you
I go on here to swear as much as possible and trigger sjws
Lemme do it right now


I actually wanna have a chance to conduct a civilised debate between me and player


That would be fun to watch.
I wonder what he’ll do
@player come at me


(Grabs popcorn like the rat from dramaalert dj Keem)


Should I move this to lounge?


No. People need to see this.


Okay then…
Player will be able to go on


Ah, let him. It’s not like he actually gets to Blast.


Besides, he doesn’t offend anyone anymore. Player’s just annoying


You are being terribly rude, inflicting lies.

How have I been rude?

One thing which I will highlight, about this generation is that they fail to realise that lots of insults is the truth

I may in fact tell you pretty lies to make you feel good, but through many experiences, I am truly sick and fed up of doing that, so I blurt out the pure truth. Hearing the truth makes you, and many others realise what to improve on and your mistakes.

Telling me to leave is not on. That is a start to bullying.

I did make a good impact here, however I realised that I was doing wrong in itself and had a goal to flip the forum to a place where people talk about code, and yes socialise but not go to the extreme

I also wanted to get a message through people like you and player’s thick skull that trolling is purely a waste of time, and constantly arguing is ludicrously ridiculous.


You say you enjoyed yourselves here
A robber enjoys stealing money from a bank.
Many of you are enjoying yourself doing the wrong thing.

And that is truth. Like it or not, and as I deduce from your previous rude comments you will throw back at me repeating lame nonsense saying that I should leave and blah blah blah.

I haven’t been rude to anyone.
Just trolled starrydream on April fools
The rest that may be insulted have only seen the truth and just don’t like it.

Hopefully they can change to the better.

I haven’t been a negative impact on the forum. If everyone continued this streak or telling pretty lies the forum will get nowhere. Hearing the truth makes change,

People on this forum
Argue over pointless things

Which is what reddit was designed for. I’d like to help flip the forum but rude people like you constantly argue over it.

You do what you like. I cannot help you in any way, but I won’t take insulting orders from you.


I had a feeling you were trolling all along

Good job. You’ve done well, quite impressive.


Maybe not language like that


Doesn’t matter. I don’t mind him, he is a ludicrous trolling person. He really means barely any arm

But this mypizza is very rude telling me to leave.

I already have mypizza
I am only answering people’s replies because I have respect, which you need, mypizza


Also left because of rude people
And realised that this forum isn’t exactly being used right, and I shouldn’t be here socialising
Also fed up with behaviour, and lack of moderation.


One thing I wish was that we could see who was flagging us.
Then I’d screw that constant person up because it’s simply a form of bullying


That’s a good idea lol
I just wish that people would stop being so butthurt


Xse is much better than you at trolling
You should try making your comments look real and insulting like him


But it’ll end up entertaining


Who’s xse?