Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



I am trying to be polite by responding to as many people, until it’s all done I will leave.

I like having enemies, because it has beneficial psychological improvements, such as stronger immunity and adaption to situations, and makes you more emotionally strong.

Complaining is barely what I have been expressing throughout this chaotic week, I’ve realised that this forum is vacuous in morality, and bare with such limitations of people’s attitudes and people’s purpose to be in the forum.

It doesn’t concern me anymore, I’ve lost my regular and that’s all stored within the past. Now, I have moved on and away to a less vacuous socialising area (I stopped socialising completely) for benefits of my life.

You, xse and many other culprits who tend to enjoy arguing in thus situations really do not concern me. Your (plural) arguments are simply weak and opinion based, let alone realising that the victim has no affection and is the only one who really knows what is going on, and how I am dealing with this.




Everyone seems to get enjoyment over
Arguing, with such pointless opinions (my point suggesting that, this forum is not a debating place.)
And people just want to rebut against one, so they throw anything they can to get their point across. This is actually selfishness because they are barely thinking of one.

@yusamac205 noticed this too. Everyone seems to complain over depression and the same old problems to gain attention. They all talk about their frustrations and dilemmas of their real life,

This is no longer a forum for hopscotch.

I cannot change it and won’t, leaving and barely considering any thought of this place, leaving it vacuous in my overloaded mind has been such an amazing benefit to these 6 days of my life.

And another thing
People of this annoying, lazy generation seem to not care about anything but themselves. No one realises the graffiti over this forum, an abundant amount of culprits gain enjoyment of adding layers of this inappropriate disrespectful behaviour.


You are truly a culprit. A boy of this generation who wouldn’t care of others, and has no respect,

Please leave me alone and gain some respect for people.


Look up words and don’t complain if you cannot solve any definitions.



It would seem Healey hasn’t told you I don’t pay attention to those words


Just like a typical person of this pathetic new, ever growing evil non-religious and vacuous generations of such limited and poor morality.

You, do not concern me at all. You may act how you like because no one on this forum is my responsibility.


Wait who

Not me because I’m not non religious. Everything else Is true


Blastfusion, I just have one thing to say to you, and it is the truth.
You may think you’re smart by using unnecessary and complex vocabulary, but all you’re doing is making yourself look like an autist.
Also, complaining about the “ever growing non-religious and vacuous generations” is kind of hypocritical considering you are a member of such generation.


Do you even know what autism is?


Yes, I most certainly do.
Autism is a disease formed in the womb that causes the person who is affected by autism to become mentally reta.rded to the point in which they can no longer be classified as a person.



Healey is autistic and I’m gay and want him to be gay because I want to marry him but he for some reason doesn’t see how great I am. —Player 2018


I don’t really care.

I’ve looked down from god’s perspective when I was going through an “edgy” phase last year. So I somewhat understand blast.


You should get to know what it actually is first.


Thank you for stating the obvious.
I, as said am part of the generation however, which you have failed to understand is that I am talking generically. In most cases people are rather selfish.

Also, you seem to make too many false assumptions and jump to conclusions by calling me an autist.
Firstly that isn’t even a word.
Secondly, I ask you to do some research and understand symptoms of one. One symptom which I would like to highlight is an obsessive compulsive attitude.

Really, purely an honestly you are very unknowledgeable, you simply use false (I will call them opinions) to offend someone, simply using science and human physiology in a pathetic, and laughable way.

Your intelligence makes me flinch.

You seem to call quite an abundant amount of things ‘hypocritical’ which is poor argumentation, an overuse of the same nonsense which shows that you barely know what you are talking about, and have no moral to emphasise what you would like to let us know. @KVJ highlighted this with someone else (I cannot exactly remember who)

I do have the rights (no forum laws implement against me) to speak in any manner that I choose to. I used to speak with basic language so that I could easily communicate however, I feel more comfortable with complex English being used because it is simply a characteristic.

So really, my point is quite basic
@Healeybot1, @HopscotchRemixer are aware of this
You are wasting your life on an online forum, highlighting false informations and suggesting pathetic opinions which are honestly forgotten and laughed at, phyisically i would simply scrunch them up and toss it in the waste bin.

I barely consider you, in fact I don’t,
You have no influence on the forum, nor me.
You are quite a typical person of this generation, generically speaking
Healey and remixer are aware that you have a bare, barren, vacuous life, limitations and poor minded that you argue over pointless situations on a kids coding forum.

I also thank you for constantly stating the obvious
It absolutely makes me flinch with such intelligence that I have never seen.


Thank you for understanding.

It really shows that you are pointless and only here to impress your friends, barely knowing what you talk about.
You think you’re being cool
But really you’re actually just immature.
Accusing people of illnesses you don’t even know yourself, total pathetic immaturity.


When I say religious I am making more of a reference to ‘morals’ because religion is based upon being a good person and having morals.


Completely false
Half of that is opinion
The other half is bare explanation.

@BB-Box you are right, I certainly agree with you. Thank you :blush:


Really, my main reason to be here is to pass time, and have a good laugh at people taking my trolling seriously, which you quite obviously just have.


I’d say using hypocrisy is a fair arguement because you complain about all these other people on the forum while you do some of the same things. You can say all our “opinions” are wrong and that only you know the truth but the fact is is that we actually enjoy ourselves here and you don’t so just leave if your going to be rude to the rest of us. In fact, you’ve been rude to me every time I’ve spoken to you. So thank you for leaving such a negative impact on the forum and goodbye. I’m going to go and leave a positive mark on the forum.