Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



Sure you can have your freedom of speech, just as I have the freedom of speech to call out the flaws and hypocrisy of your character.


Because I read complex books and I choose to extend my vocabulary
What you people cannot get through your thick skulls, is that I am getting flagged for this.
When I posted using this vocabulary, your comment is suggesting that I would’ve known that I would’ve been flagged.

Children can look up the words
Leave it and NOT flag

So, thinbuffalo should also be getting flagged too? And awesomeonion too?


As my saying in life goes
‘Let people believe what they want. As long as I know what is the truth, that’s all that matters’

…… It fits this situation perfectly.

‘Let people believe what they want’
Your thoughts may be correct. I know who I am, and that’s all I care about. Words from anyone outside my comfort zone just rebound off the ever thickening brick wall.


Of course though, so but why do you care about being flagged?


It may be the fact his regular got taken away since that? I really don’t know although


Well it turns out he left so we probably will never know


It may be the fact that the entire forum is full of babies that flag every post they read that has a single word that they deem wrong in it without even considering the point of the post in the first place.


Yeah, people used to be lenient in the beginning- spring of 2016


I think the real question should be: why do you care so much about proving you’re right to another forum user?

I mean, in reality, this isn’t really getting anywhere.


oh no, you found us

we must run

ah Mimi what post have you got there


Coincidentally this was flagged… ugh!!!


This is the best way for me to put it. If you or anyone else needs to know a word look up the dictionary. I can speak how I like here (well I won’t anymore) as laws aren’t implemented against style of language.

You take too long to reply so I will leave it as this.


Yeah but my point is, why does he care if he thinks:


It’s not so much that I care, it’s just that I have nothing better to do.


Sure you can speak how you like, but it’s hypocritical to complain when others do so as well.


And a society of complaining people is what creates demand. And with demand, a world that can take action is present.

Get used to it. That’s how the earth spins. Without complaints nothing will get done.


Yes. Your beliefs and opinions will not effect me. I know what’s the truth, and that’s what matters, to me.


I’d say the “truth” is your opinion. People will always need something but they don’t need to complain for it to happen. Demand will always happen because people always want something. Complaining is just one form of many ways to ask for something.


But whatever. It doesn’t matter anyways. Maybe someone wasn’t even flagging you for the content of your posts but rather the person who posted it. Not that i would do the same thing but it sounds like you’ve probably made a few enemies on the forum. I guess you won’t even see this post because you supposedly left. (Even tho you keep messaging with people)


Complex vocabulary? Like what?