Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



hopefully, you are not referring to me. anyways, i get what you mean. there’s fake maturity and/or positivity, but there’s also legitimate maturity that is good. and yeah, not all long words have bad meanings. i mean, if you think about it, a lot of inappropriate words are really short.



Nore weeping for no apparent reason


BlastFusion was a good guy people why would you flag him


and this is why the hopscotch forum has gone downhill. Look a this, a person can’t face an argument so he or she makes a pity post or whatever. Is this what people do now?


You just described yourself in that sentence.
That sentence is a perfect example of what you talked about in said sentence.


Use evidence to prove that I am describing myself in the quoted sentence.


What did I ever do to you? They* by the way


You know it’s autism awareness month, right?


You did a what now


You just got flagged.
Kind of messed up…
Flagging shouldn’t affect you (like using your regular) unless there are complaints to THT.


Sorry you lost Regular, @BlastFusion.


Lol I lost regular from my flags


You’re acting as if you are above those “non adolescent children” and also acting overly mature and using complex vocabulary such as “non adolescent children” when something more simpler and consise would be better such as “very young children” or something along those lines.


It doesn’t matter because the main idea of my sentence is evident in both examples.


It doesn’t really matter but it’s hypocritical when you say that “they just have complex vocabulary”.


That’s great to know
However, I really wouldn’t care. On the forum I can have my own freedom of speech. These young ignorant people are unsure of the complex vocabulary that I used.


He means that hes getting flagged because HES using complex vocab.


Just curious, why are you using “complex” vocabulary on a site full of kids. Half the people are not going to understand what your saying so why not just use simpler words that easily get the point across?


I just think it’s unfair to blame children for not understanding what your saying when your the one purposefully using difficult words that even some adults wouldn’t know.


He thinks he’s looks more mature and more like an adult when he does that, though it does the opposite of that.