Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



A. I lost my regular
B. The reasons why I am getting flagged is for telling he dirty truth, and using complex vocabulary
C. We don’t all revolve around thou, so please don’t add unsupportive unnecessary self-related comments on a topic as such.


Lol this got flagged ironic


I see.
I’m not welcome here, eh?


Then I’ll take my leave. Bye.


Yeah me as well.
I don’t know why.


Oh hey you’re back
Missed ya


I missed you as well.


Just this time
Don’t make such a reaction lol
Everyone is still talking about last time u came


People should increase their vocabulary
If not, they should look up the words instead of flag and assume that they are rude.


WAIT did they bring back invites???








You’re not wrong :laughing:

wasnt me i promise




@BlastFusion is a great person. A inspiration, You have no good reason to just do that. He’s innocent just leave him alone


I agree he doesn’t deserve it


Thanks :pray:


I really don’t know about all that drama but from what I’ve read from this topic I agree with ya!


Oh someone invited me once I didn’t know what the finger meant though