Guys... Stop Flagging BlastFusion



@BlastFusion’s kinda done with the forum, and it’s because of all of you. Huge, complex words are not inappropriate swear words! If they’re not blocked by any kind of word filter, it’s fine.


i agree.
it’s annoying. you all made him lose Regular


I must give carte blanche. We must occlude these flags. They simply are vexatious!


Hey guys, you see that button on the bottom of the screen that says “Invite”? Use it to invite me to a topic. I wanna see what happens.


It just puts a finger in ur notifs and brings u to the first post.



Why did he lose regular?
Flags? When?


All the time, apparently.


Oh wow
Sorry blastfusion


Lookie here


I don’t really know what happened but it’s sad that he lost Regular.


I agree. The forum, like Hopscotch, is going downhill. You all tell me to stop saying so, but you cannot run from the truth. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get you guys to agree with common sense. And the people who do, don’t do anything! The reason Hopscotch is going downhill is because of Hopscotch.
We have developers who don’t do anything to help their deteriorating app and a community that doesn’t do what the app is meant for! You can’t fix human nature.
That’s why I’m giving up. After a few weeks away from Hopscotch, I’ve realized, I can do without it. I will probably publish my last game soon, but maybe not even that. I feel that I have done all I can, but I cannot make a change if no one wants me to. If Hopscotch changes, I will come back. But it will probably just get worse.
Good bye.
Flag this if you want. I don’t care.


Yeh i lost reg to flags to


I agree, the gastrointestinal sardonic intellect is causing very bad things.


Me too.

Like I don’t make any spam topics but people atill think I do.

The forum needs an official TExas Topic.


You do spam all the time…


I think that once a lot of people has flagged something, a leader should see if it has good reason to be flagged, and then it gets flagged down if the approve.


Don’t drink all of the zoochberry cream!


I agree. Well said. I left because of the poor quality in everything, the lack of enthusiasm by the developers (bugs are never being fixed) and how I see that I can go without he app - I feel better and have no pressure on me.

I am also done with he forum because of young non adolescent children who cannot accept truth and act overly mature, in a way overdoing it by flagging posts that aren’t even rude, they just have complex vocabulary.

Lots of people flagged this post

Vacuous sentimentality

Like seriously
Code more
Use the app in te right way
Use the forum in the right way
Stop socialising here
Increase your vocabulary


I did, because I don’t want to be here anymore after ^ the post above.


I agree
I mean, a ton of people are immature and they just do stuff, just cause they can
I’m surprised no one has edited everyone’s long GT names and replaced it with random words…

Oh right
They can’t
Otherwise theyll be caught…