Guys stop abusing the trial [INCOMING DEBATE]



Guys (and hoomans) stop abusing the free week, or free month trial. It's unfair to the people who actually paid the money for the trial. Your not paying anything but you still are getting the subscription. It's just plain unfair. Seriously.
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THT gave us the free trial for a reason though


Very very very very extremely very very very true


Yea, but you cancel the subscription and don't pay anything, but you still have the trial. It's abusing the free trial.


It's to experiment what a suscrubtion is like before you actually buy it. Everyone has different opinions, so you can't really ask for opinions of other people. I have not gotten the free well suscrubtion, but I think I will soon.

It is a little unfair, but it was the hopscotch tram's choice, not ours.


It's meant as a trial. You can try it and then, depending on what you think about it, either but it or don't buy it. If you like it, you can buy it but if you don't think it's worth the money you just cancel it before your trial goes out.


Yes, but people are doing it WITHOUT seeing if they should buy it or not. They just want the trial. For images.


EXCEPT it's supposed to come with the subscription.

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I think that's okay. See, they might not have the money, or permission, to buy it. Or maybe they like it so much they want yo buy it anyways.


You don't pay for it. Other people pay for it, they don't even know about this. I've emailed THT to investigate.


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Bruh it's fine. They may not be allowed or have money for it
Like meh


Honestly I agree with u why shud we be charged when we don't want to b charged I think these tutorials are fine.....there just making money out of lil kids by not telling us how to cancel it so we don't keep paying!
Good tutorial cash thanks it helped


I agree a bit but my opinion it shoudl be 5 days trial or sth...


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You do realize that people who pay, after they pay for the next month, they will get a free trial too...


I don't think you understand the concepts of free and trial


It's like those little chicken samples at the food courts at malls, it's complementary, after you take one and eat it you might be like "hey that's really tasty, maybe I'll buy some more"

Note how I said buy. Some people actually buy it after, some don't. Money could be tight for kids, so they cancel it.


Liza said how to cancel it...