Guys, Please Stop



Ever since I made the thread on a hopscotch tournament, a bunch of people came in and cloned it. The only one I truly accepted was @UptownStudios' tournament, as the only reason for that was because there were not enough spaces in mine. If you have made one, please stop. Cancel it. I just don't like the fact that after I come up with an idea I truly feel proud of, many people come in and create essentially the same thing, with much less effort.


I started this, and people kinda copied me. Lol


You started dis? When?

Edit : Woah. Fast liking.


With the whole "Battle of the Collaborations" thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, that's pretty different.


And didn't @MobCraft do one before you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, @curved_guitar started the hopscotch games stuff first.


Everyone makes competitions. That just shows they like your idea, don't be offended by it :wink:.


One person actually copy and pasted my thread.


I wouldn't say that you "started it". Maybe you thought of the idea, but humans have been doing tournaments for thousands of years. The earliest times: fighting for food xD
Modern times: fighting for an electronic


That edit tho XD


People make contests and stuff it's not that big of a deal, others made it before you.


People didn't make the EXACT SAME THING that I did.


Did it?

EDIT : Why did you delete it?


That's what I'm trying to say! They probably didn't know that you did it first, and there's no reason to be mad about contests and stuff made after you. Maybe they just got inspired.


@follow4likesofficial stop deleting your posts.


That's true! Sorry, @MobCraft! :sweat_smile:

I guess I only got it to trend on the forums!


I think competitions are great, and I like them! Sometimes people do something super similar though. And when that happens, a lot of the time people are tired of it and most don't join. But I have to agree with @Nerd4Ever, when ideas get stolen it is pretty fusterating. And someone did copy word for word, and that bothered me. It gets really annoying, you know?


Actually, mines was just something I decided to do for fun because I follow up on politics and I was thinking, "Hey...what if I recreate that?" So no, I didn't copy your thing. BTW my format is different :wink:


I never accused you of anything.......