Guys Please Stop


Sorry if "this" offends you but I will try my best not to!

  1. I Know that some people don't like the new update and I do respect that because I have the same feeling.
    However,please stop saying

I hate the new update

I know they are your true feelings but this can offend THT and I become sad because some people that I know they don't say these things unless they need to is saying it!
2. Aren't there too many topics about the new update?


I do agree with you so much...
Thank you for making this topic!


There's s topic like this from @Gilbert189 XD (he posted 16 hours ago)

Maybe you want to recycle this? Otherwise they can merge or split it with his!


I actually really like the new update! I've already cried about it​:wink:. LE XD