Guys, please. (#2) UPDATED

Open before you read, please.

I emailed Liza. She said I could make another topic, as long as it follows the community guidelines. Can we please not get into any fights while we're in this topic? Also, I really don't want anyone thinking that this is directed at them, because it isn't.

Hi guys. So, as you know, the forum is a fun and friendly place where kids can talk about coding from the app hopscotch. Discourse specifically made it for this reason. So, I am going to discuss our good sides, our bad sides, and what we can do to get better!

Good stuff!

  • We all are kind
  • We all help people
  • We all are hopeful when things with our code is messed up
  • We mostly relate to HS and the forum
  • We all are friends!
  • We are courteous to other forumers
  • We all try our best to be helpful and kind

Bad Stuff...

  • Sometimes we aren't related
  • Sometimes we hurt others feelings
  • Sometimes we don't realize that we are being a little mean
  • Sometimes we flag posts that shouldn't be flagged
  • And sometimes, we just make a mistake that hurts someone


What we can do to help

  • We can help people that may not know how to do much code
  • We can be corteous and kind
  • We can be related to HSF
  • We can support people if something bad happened or if they feel down
  • We can gently remind people if they start to be mean
  • Our regulars can help us flag spam and edit inappropriate topics
  • We can be grateful to THT
  • We can create useful topics that can help people

Just a few messages for everyone.


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Another Message

Guys. Okay. If you're going to state your opinion, please do it in a nice way or keep it in your head. But, if you don't like a topic on the forum, please do not go and say, "Oh, this topic is wrong. It's super bad because _______." Well, maybe some people like the topic, and please, if you don't like the topic, you don't have to post in it. I honestly don't understand why anyone would post in something they didn't like...

Two wrongs don't make a right

Okay. I just want to state this. Two wrongs don't make a right. If someone is fighting with you, don't fight back. Kindly state that you would like to edit their post because it hurt you, or flag and move on. There is no point in fighting back. This is a random person on the internet that has no idea who you are like. For example, (Credit to @Snoopy) you are going to post what you think is an AMAZING drawing on the drawing topic. You post it, hoping for a notification to come in. You see the reply symbol at the top of your screen. You click on it, and BillyBob has replied, " OMG. Why would you even post that? It is SOOO terrible. you should delete it before the THT flags it!!" He said. It isn't right to say something like that, but you don't fight back with the person. What I would do is kindly ask the person to edit their post, and if they refuse, I flag and move on. What I don't do is fight back..


We need to help our forum. Our forum is how we chat about our code, and without it, what would we do to discuss? My point is that we need to be nice to our forum and respect it by following each "What We can do to Help" guideline. Thanks for following!


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