Guys, It just sorta happened today, I lost interest in hopscotch



Today I sorta lost interest in hopscotch, last year I did the same, but then I came back. I hope I will do the same but this year in school is going to be more homework and everything. For that reason I can't be in any hopscotch Collabs or any Collabs. I still have access to forum so I will be on it if I can. I hope you guys understand! If taken any of this personally I am so sorry!! I didn't mean it that way. Hopscotch is a great coding place but I just need a break from it. I hope you guys get it. I will try to be on forum as much as possible.


Ok I understand! You are always welcome to come back! I will miss you!


Awww... You were such a kind friend! Even if you aren't making people's days on hopscotch anymore, maybe I can still see you being kind on the forum. Good luck in school! :slight_smile:


It's ok, I understand.


I'll miss you frenpai, but I support your decisions!

Hope to see you on forums!


I totally understand! I sometimes loose interest too, and I take breaks. I respect your decision, and I'll miss you! I hope you have fun outside of hopscotch!


Sorry tbut read that. I get it. Take as long as you need (basically be back today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk)!


I'll try to make everyone's day on forum. I'll probably download it soon!!