Guys I'm done GBF(GoodBye FOREVER)


so i just want to say goodbye 1. I have no way to access hopscotch and create
2. I serve no purpose here 3. OTHER THINGS goodbye this is not a joke i will stay on the forums but only for a little goodbye :sob: :sob: :sob:



@KVJ, I think we need you.


goodbye (filling space)




goodbye (filling spacesssssssss)


To do that, just type < then random letters.


ok thanks


Did you just make a topic last night?

We don't really need a second. It's kind of clogging up the fourms!

Your really helpful in nice but okay bye I guess!


U do have a porpuse everyone does....don't give's not good to...


i deleted that one but I'm not helpful in hs related ways and also I might stay on da forums for a little


what is mine nothing


How come so many people are leaving lately?!


Ok, well that's your decision.

Just know you will be missed ;-:


I know it's my choice but I will be like a crumb getting vacumed i mean nothing thanks though




You mean everything! One person leaving in the forum makes another makes another makes another ;-; YOU MATTER! YOU ARE AWESOME! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I just mean nothing I make no good creations life @MagmaPOP or @Rawrbear I mean zero or null or nil


It doesn't matter if you are popular or not! Hopscotch is for learning coding, this isn't supposed to be a social media site! I am definitely not popular - but hopscotch is, in my opinion, the awesomest thing in the whole world!!! if you like coding, stay! If you don't like coding, leave! Your decision should have nothing to do with if you are popular or not!!!!!




it's not just that hopscotch isn't me full on coding i want to get on to 3D developing and I will help others here on the forums learn too