Guys i need some help


Okay, so Funky63 and I are going at it. We going back and forth with stuff like "You should be thanking me" and "you stole my project"! We are sort of fighting about my project that him and another hopscotcher remixed. I dont want to be angry on Hopscotch. Its a fun app. Please help.


Btw the other hopscotcher was GigglingJellybean


Funky helped with those circles piling up at the top and sides. He helped you, and gave credit. He said "Remix" in the title of the first project. I don't get what the big deal is... :sweat_smile:


yea @Gilbert189 is right


I'm sry you guys


I agree with @Gilbert189 . When someone remixes your project, that means they like it so much that they want to see how it works! Then they go into the code, maybe change a few things, make the project even better, and publish it! Or maybe they just published it as a recognition—"Hey, this is a great project! I wish I'd thought of that!"
If they didn't give credit, that's another story. Maybe they just didn't remember to, or thought people would go click the tab in the corner and know who made the original project. No one I know would purposefully take credit for someone else's project.
All in all, remixes are good! After all, if they were bad, why would Hopscotch have them?


You're sounding quite rude.

You are telling someone to stop doing this or that rudely.


That wasn't that rude but ok


It kinda of was.... But eh! XD


It's ok if you think it was rude. I'm fine with that but in my opinion I didn't. People can have different opinions!! ( if we didn't have different opinions then we would be robots) XD


Soon they will


why did u flag it @EnchantedAnimallover you don't just flag right away like give me a chance!!


I agree


She flagged so that the mods would get rid of it and it wouldn't accidentally offend people.

Flags aren't punishment, they're to alert people in case it needs to be deleted. :wink:

  1. Stop arguing with him. Give him credit and apologize. Ask him for an apology too.

  2. Email THT. Funky does this a lot, and it offends people. It's time someone stops this.


Why would emailing THT offend someone? If he has to email them because of someone, there's obviously an issue THT needs to fix.


No, I'm asking him to email THT, and Funky argues a lot XD



no you give reminders first then flags are if they don't stop and they are the next step reminders @treefrogstudios ....that's what kiwicute2016 said so please unflag me sweetheart thanks!:grinning:


OK thanks guys, I'm making a project for apologizing.

  1. Don't call me sweetheart :grin::neutral_face: (Or anything like that. I don't appreciate people assuming I'm a newbie to the forum or some sort of little kid.) It offends me that people talk to me in this way.

  2. I couldn't unflag even if I ever flagged, who said I did? I said why others flagged. Anyway, it got deleted. No point in unflagging now! :wink:

  3. In that post I said nothing about flagging you? Why do you just assume this? I was giving someone advice.

  4. I don't appreciate being talked to like I don't know how flagging works. I'm pretty sure I know the rules of this forum...

  5. As I already said, you didn't mean to offend anyone so we flagged to hide it so you wouldn't accidentally offend anyone. If the flags were really not needed, the mods won't approve them.