Guys... I love this forum! Know here's a little challenge


Holy gosh! [ I didnt use crud after holy cuz it upset some of you :wink: ] The forum is so cool. After a football practice of mine or going to the pool or whatever, this relaxes me so much. Plus it gets me a bit more likes :smirk:. Now I have a forum challenge because I haven't done this yet...
In Hopscotch you must!...
•Design a project that includes the forum somehow!
For example it could be a rescue mission to save the forum, or a trail art of a cool thing that has the forum to do with it! It could be anything!!!
The winner will get a project from me requested by them! Just so you know, Im good with pixel art and that kinda' stuff, but Ill do whateves you want. Now get chopping maggots'! Jk, just start makin' your projects cuz' this ends on the 15th!!!!


Glad you like it!

Cool idea! I'm already including the forum in my website :wink:


So do you want to be part of the challenge bro? Btw, thanks for likiing my projects!


I don't mind but I won't really be participating… and you're more than welcome :wink:


Its okay, but hey, you could win!!!!


Doubtful :joy:

Thanks though!