Guys i just have had to say this



So remember that featured project called 3D pastel draw, link: well ive actually made a project similar to it, link: but this was my third project! There just had to get it out there


That is kind of weird....they had a balloon draw on featured that someone had already made. Maybe THT liked the modified version. Idek


Yeah its weird...


Just know that THT just didn't see your project! This means that your project is featured worthy! They saw the featured project faster than yours, so unfortunately yours wasn't featured.
Just keep in mind that it could've been! :slight_smile:


lots of my projects are...
But also since it was my third project i made it way back in December so it just be kinda weird if they featured that


Yes, because you're The Bestest! :slight_smile:


Yep! It is an accurate username


Im happy now


Well they are right :wink: