Guys can you please stop these things? a rant by Chocolate



I'm sorry if the title is vague but it's getting annoying! Everyday I go on trending and see a bunch of chat projects there, its completely clogging up trending. Besides, Hopscotch isn't meant for chatting! Its meant for coding! I see a bunch of accounts that are solely for chatting and its getting on my nerves!! @Blackberry is really annoyed too (she's my friend Cherry). And I know that some of you guys are going to see this and start yelling at me because you do this. But think about it, that's not what Hopscotch is for, and you guys are wasting other people's chance to show there style because you are clogging up trending.

Not to mention other people who feel left out! I see people who make these collabs and stuff and chat all the time and then say they'll be inclusive or whatever. And then a bunch of people have been left behind and really sad. Plus sometimes its on someone else's project! Think about how they feel!! You aren't even coding just inputing text into a project, I mean come on. Maybe you do code. Idk, but it seems like ur just chatting. And chatting. And chatting.

Also this isn't directed at any one person, its directed at all of you. So don't say I'm targeting you because tbh I don't even really know most of you, I only know a few people like TACOCODE and DECODECO and Cherry. You guys are being a bit exclusive and you are clogging trending.

Sorry if I'm being unfair or if there's some side I didn't see, but I don't see one anywhere, and where I live I have freedom of speech. Thanks guys and peace out. :confused:


I agree, but trending has a formula, so there isn't much we as hopscotch users can do :confused:


Ik. But it would be nice if chat accounts and such would stop, they aren't coding, it's annoying.


Well I don't visit trending because it's basically art and chatting.

I would go to featured for games.


All I've posted on hopscotch before is drawings, but I think I'm going to stop, because I realize that it's for coding not drawing. Featured also has good games but it doesn't always get updated often


Actually it's updated every other day almost.

I don't really like that, but THT does what they want to do.


I saw a drawing from a pixel art pad up there a few days ago
I don't really think it should've gone up there, the person didn't. Even use a pad they created themselves


I don't think that the people who chat are on the forum, because they would just be chatting here.


Yeah maybe that's true
I'm going to search though
Maybe they are


Just contact THT about it.


Hmm ok
Do I just email them then??


Ugh, I agree... this is so annoying!

Though I should probably code more.

Anyway, I agree, people aren't even putting in any effort. Once I got invited to a collab account and I still have the password to it, but I'm really shy posting on an account I didn't create. So, I didn't post anything, and then they forgot about me. No one cared.

I find this happening to me a lot, but yeah... just ignore me.


I agree but a I think trending is picked by a computer so we can't really do anything :/
And TACOCODE only uploads like once a week so