Guitar notes idea!



Can you please add more guitar notes?

You know stuff like E,B,G,D,A,E and maybe other ones... :sweat_smile:
Then i could make a guitar with more than one note, like the one I made today! :wink:
@alish @Liza @Ian someone else with influence...


Your guitar is so cool @MagmaPOP! You should add more strings, even though their isn't any more guitar sounds. That would be very helpful too!


I might do that, @Phase_Studios! but not right away... theres no rush without extra sounds! ;]


@MagmaPOP, I just made a video for a 3D tutorial! I made but I need to edit it and to publish it to youtube! I know that their is no rush for extra sounds, but it would be helpful and usful!


Do you want me to kinda advertise your tutorial on my hopscotch channel? @Phase_Studios


For your Hopscotch account? I would love to, but say it is going to be release tomorrow on youtube on my channel Phase Studios.


I will post it tomorrow then! ;]


Ok then @MagmaPOP! Thank you for doing it!


Make a mystery project that I am going to make it tomorrow, but publish it today!


No... Im just gonna post something simple tomorrow. Its still better than nothing! :wink:


Ok @MagmaPOP! 234567


Whats the link to your channel? @Phase_Studios


Look up Phase Studios in the search bar and go to the channels and the icon is clouds @MagmaPOP.


I saw the guitar and it was very cool @MagmaPOP!

You've probably thought of this, but when adding more notes, you could make the sound play based on how high your last touch y is. Like how on a guitar, the note changes depending on where you're holding the string.

I guess you could even start it with the current sounds, though I know it won't cover the whole range. Maybe if the Hopscotch Team do plan to add more music notes, they can add it underneath the current ones so we can scroll down to find more because having another tab of sounds for music notes might be a little too much.

I was just curious, how does the guitar string work? It's a very cool mechanic. I'm guessing it's to do with this part of code from your project:

Repeat Forever
    Set position to x: 512 + ( [{"X" - 512}*100] * [25 * {cos(["last touch y" - "Text y position"] รท [768 รท 90]) } ] ), y: "Text y position"

And this:

When "Drag" = 0
    Increase Value "X" by: [("X" - 512) * (-190 รท 100)]

I know the value "X" is for the last touch x when you've dragged the guitar string the second part is probably to make the string vibrate less each time. Anyway it's totally okay if you'd rather not share and great project again :smile:


This if hyper difficult to explain... :sweat_smile: I was kinda in the ''zone'' while doing that string, you know. But the repeat forever code is responsible for bending the string where you press and bending it 25% of the difference between ''x'' and 512! :wink: The ''drag'' = 0 thingy is the same thing as joysticks, when you do not press it, it comes back! Except in this code it had to play the guitar ''once'' after releasing the sting so the ''drag'' value changes 3 times instead of 2... you can check out how to make a joystick... the Hopscotch team made a video! :wink: But when ''drag'' = 0 the ''x'' changes value to ''x'' times -1,9. so 90% of what it was on the opposite side of 512! So it vibrates kinda! hope this explained something... :sweat_smile: @t1_hopscotch


You can try changing the 25 to 100 and 768/90 to 768/360! :wink: Looks kinda cool! @t1_hopscotch


Wow thank you so much for sharing @MagmaPOP! That's really amazing that you shared, thanks a lot for that :smile: I really appreciate it.

I do remember the code for joysticks and I got that bit (so when you drag the string it's 1, after you've let go it's 2 and when you're not touching the string it's 0) :smiley: and that's a cool way of doing it.

I was thinking about the times by (-190 รท 100) and I realised it's close to multiplying by -2. If you multiplied it by -2, the string would vibrate back to the other side. But -1.9 is just a little less than -2 so the string doesn't come back all the way to the other side when it vibrates, but it comes back less and less each time (just like a real guitar!) That's clever :smiley:

I tried editing the numbers that you said and I noticed that when you edit the "90" in "768 รท 90" it looks like it takes different parts of the cosine graph, (like I tried making it "60" instead of 90). It does look cool :smile: Thanks so much again.


@MagmaPOP, why don't you just combine notes?


Notes often vibrate, and it becomes very hard to make that electric sound :wink:


Oh. Thanks @Kiwicute2015! It makes sense now.