Guidlines for Help With Code Topic



This topic is for coders who need help with how to code specific things. I and the Moderators will give you advice on specific ways to code things and how to fix bugs. You code also call us the bug squashing patrol. Our job is to help fix or make code.

• Only reply once to a question unless it requires more than one answer
• Don’t edit this
• Don’t take anyone off the moderators list
• There are only 5 moderator spots currently

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@Milkypup lol


Can somebody add the OMTL thanks!


Think you did
Um, I'll add myself as a moderator!
I took a test and it said I was a born leader four times XD
That'll come in handy!


But isn't the whole forum meant for help? If you need help with a project, you can just make a new topic. :)


Like rawrbear said, the whole forum is for help with code.


No, we don't need 100s of topics that can be answered in 1-2 posts


Why not? It's not spam. This forum is meant for exactly that purpose. :D


Sorry, I have to agree with rawrbear. Topics that clog up the forum are "Guidlines 2.0, we don't need the other guidlines!" and "POST PUPPY MEMES HERE XD". Topics that aren't like those are fine.


You could be moderators on all the help with code topics (to help) instead of just one topic. :D


Thanks for the suggestion
This could just be our home page


Cool topic, I like the idea!


Maybe change this to "Guidlines for the Help With Code category?
This is a really great idea but it'll be very hard for someone to find an answer for their code by looking at other posts, as you'd have to search the whole topic whereas if there's topics they're easier to find. :sweat_smile: