Guides to emojis!



So we pretty much all use emojis, right? Well, we all have different meanings for each one. So this topic is where you can post your emoji guides for other people! Btw, this is related because with this we know what people mean when they use emojis on the forum. :smile:

My guide:
:smile:: my favorite, I use it most often. It means I am happy about something, or I am trying to spread positivity.
:grinning:: pretty much the same as above, I just use it less often .
:joy:: when I think something is funny, or I am laughing at myself.
:sweat_smile:: this is nervous laughter for me.
:clap:: when I'm congratulating someone, or if they made a great project I use this.
:blush:: I only use this when I'm blushing IRL, or if someone thanks me.
:stuck_out_tongue:: when I'm have laughing, or I just want to use something cute
:wink:: I don't use it often, but when I do, I use it when I'm trying to help somebody.
:+1:: pretty much the same reason as the clap emoji
:tada:: I use this when I am celebrating! :D
:smiley:: I don't use it often, but it means that I am happy, and very interested in the topic.
:slight_smile:: I don't use this at all, I use :) instead.
:smirk:: when I trolled or spam liked someone, I use this.
:heart_eyes:: ITS SO CUTE OH MY WOW
:tired_face:: when I'm really distressed about something, which isn't often.
:disappointed_relieved:: when I am crying IRL, or just really really sad.
:grin:: whoops.....


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Here is mine:
:smile: I use this the most, it just means I'm happy!
:smiley: I use this when I'm too lazy to put the <hi> between :D
:joy: That was funny!
:sweat_smile: Lol
:laughing: I use for XD, just meaning lol
:heart_eyes: I LOVE SOMETHING!
:tada: I use this for "Congrats!" Or just when I'm celebrating
:scream: Whoa... Something cool happened
:blush: I use this when someone says something kind to me, and I feel really good.
:wink: When I use this it's to let you know I'm not trying to be mean
:grin: Oops...
:smirk: If I'm teasing someone I'll use this emoji


:slight_smile: I use this to show I'm not trying to be mean or just for the sake of having an emoji XD.
:wink: I do this to show I'm joking or as a kind of a banger thing, as well as to show I'm advising rather than berating!
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this is mainly to show jokes and banter.
:smiling_imp: is to show my evilness.
:heart: is to show I'm out of likes.
:hearts: is also to show I'm out of likes.
:frowning: is supposed to be a sad face.
:frowning2: is for sadder things.
:blush: is to show I'm feeling la blush.
:scream: is to show the woahness
:joy: is for funny stuff.

Et cetera


I rarely use emojis anymore. So this is my emoticon list XD.

some things

:D Positive and happy

XD Laughing, like I used above

:P Also laughing, but if I think I'm saying "XD" too much

:) Rarely use this one, but happy

:3 If someone makes something adorable (like a trail art), or a possible emoticon I use if someone compliments me

;)- Don't use much, but happy or idk

D: OH MY GOSH WHAT (but humorously)

;-; i cri

:/ Eh...

._. um...or no comment

-_- Don't like to use, usually annoyed

:0 oh mah gosh

:T erm...

c: Happy

c:< Plotting something (totally not spam-likes)


:grinning:: I sometimes use this when I'm happy. :D
:wink:: I use this when I want to let people know that I'm not trying to be mean. :D
:cry:: I use this when I'm sad about something. (e.g. Someone having to leave Hopscotch and/or the forum.)
:sweat_smile:: Um...heh heh...
:frowning:: I use this when I'm surprised and sad about something.

I don't use emojis that much unless I'm making emojitectures. :P

I use emoticons more. :D


I hardly use emojis. I only use :flag_gb:πŸ‡§ and :dagger: now.

I am a robot.


pokes topic
Pinny I'm taking after you. XD




Nice topic!

My guide is...

:grin:: teehee
:sunglasses:: That's cool
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:: I said something funny and you noticed it
:cold_sweat:: Embarrased
:sweat:: Embarrased
:wink:: When I think I helped someone
:slight_smile:️: Being nice
A :gem: a :gem: and a :cookie: for ya!: When you do something spectacular and I like it!

Exactly what in about to say!

A :gem: a :gem: and a :cookie: for ya!


:sweat_smile:: I messed up
:sleeping:: I'm sleepy
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:: emoji version of XD
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:: :)


One thing I do:
:grimacing:: heh heh heh...

There's more, I might try to type them later. But right know I'm doing HW


I used this on another topic kinda like this hers my list.

:smile: If you are really happy!

:slight_smile: Yeah that sounds good!

:neutral_face: Meh okay it's fine

:expressionless: No just no

:unamused: Really really that's just weird.

:rolling_eyes: Whatever just do it!

:slight_frown: Hmm?

:triumph: STOP!

:rage: Really upset!!


:scream: Oh my gosh!

:sob: So sad!!

:poop: Silly

:weary: Begging

:zipper_mouth: I will not join in on the conversation!

:head_bandage: Hurt!

:grimacing: I don't know if that's the best idea!

:triumph: Trying not to rage like unikitty!

:dizzy_face: Shocked!

:smiling_imp: Evil

:grin: I gotta pee!

:sweat_smile: Ha!

:relieved: Keep calm and code on!

:hugging: Yayayahay!

:sunglasses: Cool!

:clap: Good job!

:smirk: Or did I...

:wink: Rember

:nerd: Accordding to my calculations to find pi you need to find the circumstances face(this ones awesome!)

:worried: But, but why!




…and ZAP!