Guide to Writing a Forum Topic

Hello everyone!
Keep reading to find out how to write an effective topic on the forum!

WHAT to Write

This part is the base for your topic. What are you going to write about? Whether it be some advice for newbies or a tutorial on how to code a certain thing, make sure what you are writing about is unique and you enjoy discussing it! Always be sure to SBYP!

WHEN to Write

Write whenever you get inspired, either by reading a bunch of forum topics or scrolling through Hopscotch! Sometimes, I have seen people writing when they see a super cool skill used by a hopscotcher, and they figure out how to re-create it, and then they share it out! Do it when you feel encouraged!

HOW to Write

The format of your topics is really important. Something I learned over my time at the forum is writing a block of text is not always effective, as people may get bored and not be intruiged to really take away something from your topic. Bullet points or numbered points are always a classic and effective way to go. Also, these little-hidden detail things are AMAZING, and I would recommend them for long topics with multiple categories! That way people can click whatever is useful to them!

WHO are you writing to

Your audience is definitely something you should keep in mind. After all, are you writing to newbies to the forum/hopscotch/community? Are you writing to veterans who are not acting as they should? Are you writing people who spam flag/like, or have multiple alt accounts? You should really mention your audience in either the title or the first 1 or 2 lines of your topic! Because not all of your topics will apply to everyone!

WHY are you writing

Why did you pick what you did? I think your reason is important and should be included towards the end of your topic. Why do you feel so passionate about this? Does it relate to a more personal experience? I know for me especially when I read a topic sometimes I am just like “What is the point?” “Why write about this?” It is smart to just say why, and maybe you can help your readers understand more and take your ideas into consideration.

I hope this helped! :smile:



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This is a great topic, well written! :clap: You could also mention that the forum often auto saves your progress, and a new feature is that you can go back to the homepage and tap “Open Draft” where it normally says “Create a new Topic” and the topic you are writing will pop up. Although you should take a backup on your own device just in case :slight_smile:


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This topic was really helpful! It was very informative! I like your use of your hidden detail arrows. Well written, great job!


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