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Ok I searched up “Guide to HSB colors” but didn’t find anything, so here it is:

HSB Color Basics

Ok, so HSB is Hue, Saturation, and Brightness.

Hue is a range from 0 to 360. 0 would be red, 360 is as well. It goes like the colors of the rainbow- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. And of course, turquoise and yellow-green and such.
0- red
20-49 -orange I think, correct me if I’m wrong
50-60- yellow (Same as orange)
90-130- green
131-280- blue?
281-320- purple
321-350- pink

Correct me on these if I’m incorrect please.

Saturation goes from 0, being white of brightness is 100. It can be grey if brightness is lower than that. The lower it is, the brighter is seems, if brightness is 100. If not, the lower saturation is, the less colorful it will seem (is that a good explanation?)
If brightness is one-hundred, I find around S (20) can create pastel colors.

Brightness: the lower it is, the darker the color is.

Specific Colors:
H(any number) S(20) B(100): Pastel Color
H(Increasing Variable) S(any number) B(any number): rainbow pen of saturation and brightness of your choice.
I’ll add more as I find them.

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Post any tips or colors I could add so I can improve this!
Thank you for reading.
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Add any colors you found using HSB here

H330, S100, B75: image
image H238 S100 B50

This is probably the most helpful HSB project I’ve come across:



Actually, 20 for saturation creates pastel. 20 for brightness is just very, very dark colors.


Oops! Let me fix that, meant to put S instead of B


I added what the color looked like for the first one

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Here’s a visual demonstration of Hue, Saturation, and Brightness for those new to the subject


ghost​:ghost::ghost: has some colors available!

The colors he used were (left-right/up-down) ultraviolet, canary yellow, peacock blue, seafoam green, robin’s egg blue, aliceblue, mauve, salmon, and taupe.


Great guide for those who don’t know hsb colors!

I would love it if you could do one on rgb bc I don’t know a thing about them other than what it stands for

R ed
G reen
B lue


Nice guide for everyone that didn´t know this! This really old topic (my first one on here actually) contains many HSB color codes and also some tips that people might find helpful.