Guide to Hopstcotching


Hi coders!

This is my guide to hopscotching, for newcomers entering the awesome coding world of HOPSCOTCH! To start, I am going to inform you on how to make a background for your projects. So, you are on the home screen right now. Direct your eyes to the bottom grey portion of the screen and click the aqua blue + sign. You want to make a blank project, so click "blank project"! Then, pull out a Text object, which is under the dropdown plus sign (grey-colored). The dropdown should automatically open as soon as you enter a new project. As soon as you drag out your Text, you will get a big box avaliable for typing and adding emojis. For this, we don't want to type. So, click out of it and directly put your finger on the Text. A caption would come up, with a plus sign saying Add A New Rule! Click on Add A New Rule. After that, a bunch of pink When blocks will show up. For this rule, you have to tap the "when play button is tapped," Well, you more likely have to literally drag it out, into the When (pink when block here).

Now, we have to actually PROGRAM this rule! Scroll down the, lets call is "rules menu", and click on the purple drawing button. The options that will come up are Leave A Tail, Change Trail Color, Change Trail Width, and Clear. What we want is Leave A Trail, so drag that out into your workspace. After this, you have a choice to make. You have to pick you color. I am going to go with a minty green, which is one of my favorite colors. Then, I have to set my width. I suggest like 999999999999999. Just have fun with it! Next, we have to set the move forward, just to 1. Basically, we are drawing 1 big dot that covers the whole entire screen! You are officially finished! There is only 1 thing left to do! Try it out! You can click out of the rules menu, and click on the aqua button that says Play! And, you should get an awesome background to fit any game or project! Just keep in mind you can add more than 1 rule to a certain object!

Let me know if you have any issues!



You only need 3000 for the width but 99999999999 works great as well. Nice post!


Your a newbie teaching newbies how to play hopscotch.....


I know.... but who cares, they both give you the same width, right??!!!



I don't think it really matters, it's just an easy tutorial. :wink:


actually, I am a newbie on the forum, just joined a few seconds ago...

But I am a big old timie hopscotcher. I am Hopscotch Girl :heart:.... Hopstoctcher since Nov 2014!!
Thanks, though!


Well, it is good common knowledge for new hopscotchers, but yes you are right about that.. definietly not the first thing a new hospcotcher should know!


Yeah! I mean, most new users come in absolutely confused about these concepts. Once you get this down, it boosts your confidence and you begin to learn!

Infinite likes to you!



I'll be sure to check you out on hopsoctch!


Thank you! I've been since October 2014, but I had to make new accounts as I have a school device.


ok!!!! interesting :slight_smile: