Guide to Forum Posts



Hi everyone! Keep reading to find out the most effective way to post a reply to a topic on the forum! You can also check the below topic which is similar to this one.



If you are replying to a specific person, make it known by either tagging them or directly saying their name. To tag, simply add the @ sign before any username. This will directly notify the user that you tagged them and direct them to your post, so they can see your response and maybe reply back. Sometimes, you are replying to everyone involved in the conversation… in this case, tagging everyone is not needed.


What you are going to say in your answer is important. If you are going to reply simply “Yeah” liking the previous post may be a better route for you. Your post must be important, contribute to the conversation at hand, and of course, provide your own insight. Don’t restate what someone already mentioned, rather like their post and show your support for their statement. Make sure whatever you are saying is kind, provides your own thoughts, and of course is related to the topic. You can also refer to the Community Guidelines to make sure you are following them!

Skipping the Where, because it’s kind of obvious that you will reply on the topic!


Sometimes, you get ahold of a super old topic. It may be really useful, but that is irrelevant in the fact. Anyway, you decide to reply on that old topic. If your intentions are to revive it since it has supportive points, then go right ahead. But, if you simply want to offer insight, it may be better to give your thoughts on your own GT. Reviving a topic that no one else has intentions of reviving, even you, just clogs the forum. So try and reply on the newer topics created within the last month, rather than replying to years old ones.


As you must know, the way you structure your answer is important. With an answer or response, honestly, it would be better to just do a block of text. The “Hide Details” for a response is a bit much and may not be needed. But even in your block of text, make sure you clearly state what you want to get at, rather than beating around the bush. You want to make your “questioner” read what you want!

Hope this topic was helpful! Feel free to discuss anything related to effective replying!



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This is really useful, especially for the newcomers who may not have an idea of how to reply to others!

What do you think of people making spa.m topics? There are many, and people trying to stop them, such as this guy called Aariv, are not being taken seriously. What can we do about this, since THT aren’t doing anything about it.


Thanks for creating this topic! I agree with @ArtisticCoder, this is really useful especially for newcomers. This question is asked by them (and others) sometimes. Thumbs up! :+1:


“how to make posts sound fancy”


I agree with everyone else, this is a very cool topic!
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This is a very useful topic! It should be able to help other people with posting.


Thank you so much!!

Well, they should be stopped. People like Aariv and others are doing their best, but it is clearly not working. Maybe, if we do bring back leaders, they could help moderate the community and take down these kinds of topics. But even having leaders can be an issue, so like the curators, we could consider designating a committee of a few people to moderate the forum.


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Yes, I will add you in!!