Guest accounts coming soon | Some have been created!



I will be making guest accounts. They will go up like this: (Guest3 works and soon will the others) (guest, guest1, and guest2 are already accounts I guess) All guest account passwords are 1234
User: Guest pass:
Guest1 pass:
Guest3 pass: 1234
Guest4 pass: 1234
So you get it. I will probably create 100. I will also create a guest account for the fourms well probably a few guest accounts dor the forums but not a lot for the forums. The guest accounts are also for people who want to try out hopscotch by using one of the guest accounts before they make an account and use hopscotch unless they don't want hopscotch.


There is hacker on the lose, but I don't need to tell you that! guest accounts get hacked


I don't care if guest accounts get hacked. There not really important anyway. There only important for people who don't have an account. The hacking probably stopped but all we need to do is not pay attition to them. If they didn't.


@Ian @Liza @t1_hopscotch @Rodrigo


You're kind of putting spam on The Hopscotch Team's server though... :neutral_face:


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Well, you're putting 100 useless accounts on Hopscotch, and name one person who can't make an account. There is even an option to not put your email down!!!! Come on! :laughing::joy:


There not useless there for peole who don't have accounts. Well what if they got rid of that feature huh?!!


They won't. The hackers are going to hack them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Like I said ^


I think it's really nice of you to make guest accounts @GiraffeProductions :smiley: There's nothing wrong with making guest accounts – I don't think it will spam Hopscotch's servers at all so it's okay – and maybe someone could use a guest account to see what Hopscotch is like before make their own account.


True... 🤔:sweat_smile: But what if they don't know about the forum or the guest accounts? 🤔


The hopscotch team could add something when you go into the app to sign up or sign in to show/tell that there are guest accounts.


Ooh! @Liza! We've got an idea! :yum:




Cool! So the guests will reply there? :smile:


Yeah kinda its also you leave a comment/note if your having trouble with something or need help on something.


Cool! But will they know how to leave a note?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Also, wouldn't you have to check 100 whole accounts each day?! :flushed:


Maybe. I might add how to add a note.