Guest Account For Hopscotch


Hi guys it's gcully!


I think it wouldn't be the best idea as there would be no way to moderate who was posting what, and besides there could be a lot of lost progress through multiple people being on the same draft at once :s


hello :s
Maybe create a welcome topic :D

Just click ask a question :s


Read the rest of the topic to see there is a deferent idea than what you are thinking ;D


Okay, so I think it should be like this:

You can like, but can't choose a name (the like notification will look like: Guest(random numbers) liked your project)

You can't publish, but you can still code.

You can have up to 3 drafts.



Good idea


Thanks :3


I meant everything but making projects.


I was thinking it would say "A Hopscotcher liked your project".


Me to


i already made a post about all this:



and there's another post about guest accounts too:



This is a great idea! This is probably off-topic, but I want the log in screen to have the Log In button as the bigger button instead of Sign Up xD


I think with whats happening now with all the Public Account trouble, everyone would change thier vote to no.


What's happening with public accounts?


Users are\were making public accounts that other people would come in and post inappropriate and hurtful things to get the account banned. I havent seen them since I got back from school though.


I don't think they are any more.
Was @MellonyBeats a public account?


I dont know. I dont think I ever saw that user before until this poll or whatever came up.


I didn't either.
I think they showed private parts.