Guest Account For Hopscotch


I was wondering if Hopscotch could have a guest account. It would be useful for people who want to see Hopscotch without getting an account.

Do you want Hopscotch to have a guest account?

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Off topic for 20 (yes it is)

estne pizza bona?


Yay! People want it!


I think it's a good idea in theory, but why is it needed?


It's not, but for viewing it's. Wait. What if there is one, but as a free app?

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Votes are public.


I couldn't resist a potato vote but otherwise I understand.


I get what you mean! Like how the iPhone app used to be?




I think that'd be good to have!


This sounds like a great idea!


No one can. And I can't resist making them.

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It's not a bad idea, I really like the concept of this, but the last time there was a guest account someone posted a bunch of inappropriate stuff...


It would be for viewing only


And auto deleted drafts mabye


Ohhhh! Sorry I didn't read the whole topic XD
I that case, I think it would be fine, but why would we need it? :slight_smile:


Well if it's a free app it could help you decide if you want to get hopscotch or not :upside_down:


It would be a great idea if you just want to see how it's like! But how would likes and stuff work?


Mavye like normal. (It would say a hopscotched liked your project) and follows would work.


I did think you would only be able to view projects.


Though that wouldn't be as good as liking following making auto deleted drafts and viewing.