Guess who I am! LOL


Lololol guess who I am as that is popular now.... Guess away! @kiwicute2016 don't give it away and no first letter.
Hint: me like ice creeaaammmm


LOL! I am in the title! LOL LOL LOL


I have no idea maybe @LOL?


They are not me! :slightly_smiling:


Any other hints? I mean, that hint isn't very helpful


No, it's not @SmileyAlyssa. :3

I think.


You are @RenegadeBird1!


Not me...
good guess
There is still something in this
nvm said too much! :smiley:




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No, it's not me, LOL
I don't like creating double acs.
They're so confusing! One is enough for me! :wink:


My username should make it clear now @intellection74 I find that offending to potter productions I'm telling her.... What's her username?
Oh Yeha @friendship2468


WHAT oh wait you're new nvm... @intellection74 you know I told you not to speak of that!!!! :rage::rage: seriously


It is you, @friendship2468! xD


I dunno @icecreamblah whatever hmm Veritaserum hmmm that's Harry Potter are you @giraffedolphin26


It's not me


I'm not her. She just likes the word Veritaserum and I believe she is not me.


I searched up "veritaserum". You were the only one on the forum that ever mentioned it! :wink:

I think you're right, @Intellection74!


A lot of people on the forum know Harry Potter. I bet she just favors it.


NO you don't even know anything about me! My favorite potion is Felix Felicis, Veritaserum is EVIL!