Guess who hopscotch challenge!



this is the guess who challenge! This is where you try to guess the thing of the picture all of them are different and are in different things! This is not a contest just a fun leave a trail art contest! If you want to like or something all the things are on my account cloudy, now its start!
challnge 1 the potato:


okay here's a hint: portal (game)




Its a thing in game :yum: hint above


Are we supposed to guess a Hopscotcher or a thing?


the thing the pic


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thanks for your answer I will tell you after the 16 if you where correct!


I think it's GLaDOS as a potato from Portal!

@seawolfwerehorse lol


okay thanks for you answer




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Although I entered your art club, no one ever looked at it...Can you please look, you don't have to accept me though...


well @Kawaii_Lover you probly wernt picked don't worry about it there's plenty of other art clubs


No problem!!!!:blush:




well I guess its just a contest to guess who also, LOL


I guess you could say it's a game xD