Guess What I Found Out?


I was just on a news channel and I just saw an article I had to stop and read.
I noticed a lot of "Guess who this is on this account!" Accounts. And this new article I have found that I wanted to tell you about, it said that making ALT accounts and pretending to be a whole different person can actually get you in huge trouble with the law, well, that is, if you choose to lie that you are not that person or do anything bad on that account, I just wanted to tell you guys this just to keep all hopscotchers safe and respectful.
Kind regards, VanillaOwl​:yellow_heart:


@VanillaOwl I saw 1 of that too!:wink:


Well; you are that person, just acting different :wink:

As long as a person doesn't do anything bad on a certain account, it's okay to keep it

Also, multiple people are allowed to be logged into one accounts :wink:


I have like 6 alterate accounts, but not bad ones. Sometimes bullies on my account overwhelm me, and I decided to chill and go on a different account. It calms me down!