Guess the slogan forum game


“Good Stuff Cheap”

You’re not going to get this one unless you watch Jeopardy often, because I rarely see commercials for this one.


Lemme see
What about bap da bap bap bap
or lovin it
so hard tho so…




What if I replied with a Swedish slogan here…



Nobody would get that.


I’d definitely suggest that you do you that. It would be so amusing to watch everyone attempting to solve that.




diarrhoea always comes at the wrong time




usually when you have constipation and your mom gives you Dulcolax or when you eat one too many yummy prunes


do it


Who’s slogan is this


is it some kind of slogan for a car company or something
I don’t know, you have a car pfp


“We have the meats”

Mainly because they don’t give us any.


because you’re worth it


“Good Stuff Cheap”
Again. Nobody guessed the last time I posted this.


@PartTimeFemale @tankt2016 @Legendary_myth
Here is some random Swedish slogan that I heard on television a while back:
“Framtiden flyttar in”
(it is an ad for household appliances)


I don’t know if the rules discourage me from looking these up, but all I found was Swedish stuff, so I’m kinda confused.


No, that is a newpaper. I don´t think that the mentioned company has their slogan on their website. I´m going to post here whenever I find a better one.


Yes it is car company
Hint: It’s cars are very expensive