Guess my Gender (With prize)


Guess my gender:

  • Male
  • Female


I will pick 3 (random) people who commented the right answer. They will get a pixel art done of their choice that isn't too complicated. (Thats how its HS related)

Comment your answer too to be put in the randomizer thingy!


I guessed male.


Does gender really matter? We are all coders in a fantastic community. I said female anyway.

Remember to keep all topics HS related! :wink:


It doesn't. This is just a fun guessing game.


I think you are a male but this is not hopscotch related!


I "guessed" male because I..... kinda did some research into your profile :P
Now it's all up to the randomizer!


Its for a prize on HS


Oops okay sounds good to me!


Lol idk......


Uhhhhhh Male?????


Its for a HS prize :wink:


I think female

If people picked male because of his/her profile pic... Yea


I picked male...


Female FTW! (for the win) that's my guess. I might be wrong, I might be right.


I chose male because of pikachu :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not male and I have a jigglypuff :3

Pokemon fan since 2014


@iReesesCup I've been a Pokemon fan since 2007 :stuck_out_tongue:


Pokemon fan since 2012 (I think)



I wasn't a Pokemon fan until my friend showed me 2 years ago

Waffles is bae


Same with me but I've become a obsessed over Pokemon since 2015 (when I first started watching THE ORIGINAL anime. But, since 2012 I've been collecting Pokemon cards