Guess my Alt (and I’ll give a sneak peak of my latest code once guessed)


Hoi! I am an Alt of a Hopscotcher! Here’s some hints!

  • I’ve made some kinda successful projects

  • I have left a few times

  • I like to draw

Good luck! :grinning:



Hmmm, , , DMF? Photo? Serenity (again)? Jonny?




20 questions?


Sure :blush: I’ve done this a few times :wink:


  1. are you on the Hopscotch app much anymore?


I haven’t published in about 16 weeks (this gives away a lot)

although I am back @PinkCupcake8


I’ll have to check Hopscotch then

  1. Are you a girl, boy, or other?


Girl and I luv hamilton :wink: @PinkCupcake8


WI is suk at guessing my dudes


Well, a hint is I have talked to you plenty of times


@KAyro?!?! IDk I think if ugh wifi help


Horselover??? Dwap??? Yay girls???




I can’t tell if ur from 2016 and are using :wink: ironically or

  1. Have we spoken before on the forum?


hi kayro




Magma Pop hasn’t posted in nearly a year m8


It was a joke.


Okay sorry I don’t understand jokes