This has been inspired by the summer contest. Let’s get right to it…
You enter 1 project into the contest, and it gets graded by the judge(s). The best rating wins first, then second, and then finally third.
Start-End Date
June 21st(First Day Of Summer)-July 10th
Any theme you want!
Project types:
Trail Art
Shape Art
Clone Art
Art Pad
1st Place-
Spam Likes
Custom Logo
2nd Place-
Custom Logo
3rd Place-
Custom Logo

Prizes From Non-Judges

Nothing So Far

If you want to sign up to be a judge, fill out this:
Hopscotch Username:
Forum Username:
Coding Experience(1-10 1 Worst-10 Best):
How Long Have You Been On Hopscotch:
If you want to enter a project, just post it in this topic.
Judging Criteria:
Thanks! If you have any questions, post them down below! And finally, you can enter a project that you made up to a month ago(date from published).
Apparently THT won’t allow me to publish this with the word Competition in it so I changed it to contest.


So I can't enter a project now?


You can if you want!:grinning:


Actually, this is canceled, the official summer contest is better :sob:


Do you want someone to close it?


Yeah, @t1_hopscotch can you close this topic. It was a bad idea...:confused:


Aw :cry: You can still run it of course :blush: Just let me know if you change your mind or anything.