Grumpy cat trail art - feedback topic



I made a grumpy cat trail art!

I'm going to make more. I'll post links here. Please give feedback!


First link-

New, updated cat! Second link:

When giving feedback, please tell me what link you looked at and then tell me suggestions and stuff.

Also, you can post grumpy cat memes for me to try and code here!



First link (only one so far XD)

It's great! Really well made! Maybe make the text less intrusive - particularly the bottom text which goes into the cat's face?


Ok, thanks! I wanted to try to fix the text on the face, but I didn't want to move the text so it would be cut off. I'll figure something out tho! Thanks again!


No prob! Great trail art skills!


Just a reference picture for anyone who doesn't know what grumpy cat looks like:


It looks great! Maybe you could shrink the text? Also, it would look even better if you could center his ears a little bit more! I really like what you did with his eyes!


Thanks! I'm going to try to make a better grumpy cat model later, so I'll post a link later!


I have this book:


And there's some really funny grumpy cat memes that I'm going to try to code!

Any more feedback for my first link?


Here's a new link:

I edited the cat A LOT!

@KVJ, @PenguinGaming713 , any new feedback?

Any one else?

Compare it to this:


It's awesome! I like how the bracket spins!

Maybe add whiskers or something? Dil it's awesome!

Hi @Fox


Hai! :wink: Do u no if there is a new drawing topic to replace the old one?


Yeah. BAS made a third one


Yep, there is a third one! This is a little off topic! Maybe ask somewhere else?


Yeah ok thx @KVJ. Time to GBOT. :slight_smile: