Grouping objects

One thing I REALLY need in hopscotch is the “group” feature. The way it works is that there is an option that says “group”. When you click on it, you can then select any objects you need and press the “tick” and all those objects will merge into one big object. Then you are able to move it around, even in the editor, as one. Here are some poorly made screenshots:

And then to ungroup:

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Good ideas :slight_smile:


This could be useful to keep the coding area more organized.


Looks like this could be very useful. I like it.


Set position to principal object + shift will be the same as grouping
just a little more code

but great suggestion! (:


Yes yes yes yes yes yes


This would be helpful for large projects with a lot of objects in the editor—thanks for suggesting this!
Love the Mickey Mouse silhouette as an example btw :heart:


Yeah this would be helpful particularly for working with your own assets.

I know that the game engine Unity, for example, has a similar option but they’re called “prefabs”. You can group objects to create prefabs, and you can group prefabs to create prefabs.Then you can add prefabs to your scene easily.

When you update a prefab, it will be updated everywhere the prefab is added in the scene. It’s a really big advantage when making game environments (e.g. you can have assets for hedges, hedges with flowers, etc. The hedge with flowers would be a prefab consisting of the base hedge, plus flowers. When the original hedge is updated, the hedge with flowers would also automatically be updated too.)


Yes, but say you want to set it to a random position… also if you have too many objects it can just get confusing and can get messed up easily, will also help for lesser experienced coders.
(Aka me)


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For the idea of grouping objects:

  • it does improve quality of life experience while coding (saves you from having to use Set Position blocks for multiple objects)

  • it does touch on one of our programming language principles — direct manipulation where possible. (This meaning that people should be able to manipulate things directly, rather than having to imagine numbers for example. One recent change to the app — which is an example relating to this — is being able to pinch to resize objects on the stage, which is more direct than changing the size by percent in code.)

    The idea of grouping objects would let people treat multiple parts like one object. You could adjust the position directly on the stage, like an ear for example, rather than having to do increments to numbers like “(Head) x position + 47” and go back and forth between edit/play mode.

  • it would also be part of the idea of an “object” being as powerful as a “whole computer”, and an object can be made up of other objects.

  • and there is a precedent for the grouping feature, with Unity for example, like I mentioned too^^

So I would definitely pitch for this to be added, but yeah it just might take some time to get to it because of resource limitations, if we did decide to add it. (For a feature to be added into the app, it just needs to be designed, programmed, tested, polished, and so on.)


Good idea :hs_frog:


A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is: when bumps any square or when bumps any object in group (a)

I’d use it for this type of project: i know I just think it would be useful

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this: You could affect many things at the same time, like destroyed every single square, and you could maybe add objects too a group and the “any object in group” would make it so you could affect all of those objects

Here is an example design I’ve made:

I’ve seen something similar in another programming languages, it looks like this:


I just had the idea of like grouping, for example:

When game starts: set (self) to group (10)

A group would always move relative to each other, and would set its relative position based in its original position.

There could also be a group setting option on the code interface, for example if you held down on the screen a highlighter box would appear and you would select some objects and then you would click “add group”?



So many people have suggested this it just has to be implemented now! :joy:


Yea lol everyone wants grouping

The reason I need grouping is to more easily implement shape art a separate sprites.


no :))


It is probably more of an expression, even if not necessarily everyone wants it, there is support for the feature from people :smiley: