Group-Pad Collab!




I am going to do a collab on a Multi pad!
Check the categories to learn more.

What is the Multi-Pad?

It is a drawing pad with many different options. When started, you come up with a title page. Then you press "start" or "get drawing!" (i don't know what to call it yet), and it takes you to another page where you then choose the pad that you want. There are four drawing pads I can come up with, but I will probably think of more. They will be called Heat pad (warm colors), Ocean Pad (cool colors), Nature Pad (greens and browns), and Grayscale Pad (grayscale). You select one and then start drawing!


Must have made a drawing pad before
Must have been on Hopscotch and the forum for over a month
They aren't official requirements, just something I would look for


FrothyCad (FC)



People Who Could Become Leader (and advice to become one!)
Thank you so much! :D

The age limit could offend many people :wink:.


Ok, thanks for letting me know.
I'll change it :+1:🏾
I also said they weren't official, but I don't want to get flagged


No one?



This is actually really cool... Too bad I'm already in a million of them :grimacing:


I think I pass for the requierments, I've made a drawing pad, and it has games on it.
I've been on hopscotch and the forum for a month I think :smile:


This sounds AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see it! Tell me if you need any minor help :wink:


I would love to help!!! I've made drawing pads before on my old accounts. I have a new account because of too much spam. My first account started in October 2014 and I'm currently working on a pad like MagmaPOP's.


I interested and I have made two draw pad over 3 accounts HappyDanceOwl:dog:, HappyDanceOwl and Rose Owl:rose: They were called the Diva pad and the penguin pad.I have been on hopscotch since September 2015 but I joined forum yesterday


I'd really like to join! I haven't made a pad before but I know how to. Also, I've been here for a while. :wink:


I'm just clarifying so I understand- You don't want to be a collaber, but you want to help if there is a problem, correct?


Ok well I've got four people and three spots...
I think it'd be rude to eliminate just ine person so I'm going to wait it out and see if more people join.



I can help with organization of the pads, and help with any difficulties you encounter :wink:


Ok. Thanks for clarification.


So I think for now I'll just ask for suggestions and if I feel its too hard ill do a collab.


What should the 'start' botton be?

  • Start
  • Get drawin'!
  • Draw
  • Check the pads!



Awesome idea but I can't join


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