Grizzlyzoe's taking requests for pfp!



BTW, I'm JayFeather's Stick!
Thanks if you can do it!


Welp, I decided to open this up again, but only for profile pictures because I'm bored but don't want to get overflowed with requests :wink:


I was wondering if you could do a realistic nyan cat?


That might actually be pretty fun! I’ll try to finish it by the end of this week!


Ok @Grizzlyzoe

I will try to draw it too and we can see how horrible mine is compared to yours






I’ll try to do this soon!


Oh, and could you have her wearing cat ears as well? It’s okay if you can’t. Thanks!


@Grizzlyzoe, is my request done? Just wondering because it is almost the end of the week.


Sorry, some stuff came up this week, I had something every single day after school. It will be done soon enough


It’s ok, is it half term holiday this week for you? It is for me but some schools have different holidays.


No, we don’t have a half term holiday


Could you please draw the character on my profile pic?