Gridify Pixel Arts?


So, usually when you make pixel art, you use a grid template. But, sometimes you come across pics that look like this:

I was hoping someone would gridify this? If you can, put you name here for future reference:

Grid workers. :D




Nobody? ;-; ;-; ;n; :0000


I found Here´s your picture:


I think he meant like on the edges of the pixels


There isn´t any easy way to do that, I think.


You can always photoshop a grid layer over the pixel art thing. But, the camera is not made out of equally sized pixels my friend.


She, you mean. :T


Yeah, what @Kiwicute2013 said. The pixels aren't squares; they're rectangles, and they aren't all equally sized.

However, if you really wanted to find the greatest common factor and all that, you could turn that into a pixel art, I guess.

i dunno i have never made pixel arts before so


Oops, sorry :neutral_face:. Sometimes I can't tell gender... ;-;


Is this what you were looking for? :D


Yes, thank you! :DDDDD


A like for you :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:


What did you use to griddify? :D


Sorry for the five hour late reply XD
I use an app called Dottable. It can take really anything and gridify it, but if it's not already a pixel art it might come out blurry. :D


That's awesome! :D


I'm sure you could look at each individual pixel...


You can't tell unless they say...


I can tell you and @Valgo are boys.


How did you tell that I'm a boy? Did you look at the hidden message?


What? No, I can never find those. I can just... tell! XD