Greetings, humans


Greetings, humans.

I have been sent here to learn, and to observe how you “code”.


U-um…hello. I’m Hajime Hinata…


Welcome to the forum, @FreeCiphersToSolve! :smiley:


Oh, welcome to the forum, @FreeCiphersToSolve! I hope you have a lovely time here on the forums! :slight_smile:


Thank you.
I have inferred Hopscotch is a language of sorts. Is that right?


A coding language, yes. :slight_smile:


Yes, Hopscotch is a block coding language. You can find more information about it at:

Also, welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask me if you need any help or just want to talk! :slight_smile:


Wow. Thanks! Some of the things you humans have made are really neat!


Interesting. You can’t change text colors.


Welcome to the forum, @FreeCiphersToSolve


Welcome to the forum.
Also, why does on side me say that you are @Gobli09 or someone?


Unless you type…

< a > this text will be colored </ a >

Without the spaces, of course.
It will show up like this. AQUA TEXT!!!


Ah. So essentially making a hyperlink but leaving out the link colors the text. Thank you.


You’re welcome!
I think we used to have red, blue, and green text, but there was something with the color scheme of Hopscotch, so the Hopscotch Team removed those colors.


for goodness sake I’m not every single alt account on this forum


And more more trick.

< ins> This text will be highlighted</ ins>

Type this to make your text highlighted and underlined!
See? Highlighted and underlined!


I know but you can be


Have a good time on here!


It’s clearly not xse, he wouldn’t come back after he took a big blow to his ego


So he’s off the list